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Results Direct Blog - Member Journeys: A Tool to Increase Website Conversions

Are your target audiences finding your website resources and engaging with your organization as you'd like them to (and expect)?

Member Journeys: A Tool to Increase Website Conversions | RD Web | Results Direct


In order to drive engagement, it’s important to put yourself in the place of your user. Register for your virtual event. How did it go? Purchase your latest product. Was the purchase simple or painful? Understanding this process is an important part of understanding the member journey. 

By optimizing the member journey, you’ll improve the online experience and drive increased member engagement and transactions. Here’s how to get started:

  • Step 1: Gather Data

    Collect and review insights about your users and online experience to establish a baseline. Understand how you’re doing and where you can improve moving forward. 
     Gathering Data Using Business Systems, Analytics, and Customer Feedback | RD Web | Results Direct

  • Step 2: Identify the End Point

    Next, establish a conversion goal. A conversion goal is something we want the user to do.

    Converting Users into Members Flowchart | RD Web | Results Direct

    Make the conversion goal simple and easy to understand. Then you can work backward to understand the path your user will follow to complete the journey that ends in your desired conversion. 

    Consider how often users will be taking the journey. What is the value of this conversion? Establish a value of the conversion either in dollars or engagement points to help prioritize the highest-value targets to begin the process.

  • Step 3: Diagram the Journey

    Draw a picture of your highest-value member journey. Putting pen to paper can help you visualize the typical paths and points of friction. Begin by breaking down the path a user follows in order to complete a specific action. This typically involves a number of different touchpoints. 

    For example, a “Register for a Virtual Conference” Journey may begin with clicking on a link in an email from your organization that goes to your website. On your website, the user may view the Virtual Conference page to learn more about your event. The endpoint of the journey is the completion of your online registration form.

    Remember: Journeys may be interrupted. You can use campaigns and website personalization to help users start (or re-start) a journey – and also come back to complete the conversion.

  • Step 4: Optimize the Journey

    Understanding a member journey is a process. It’s important to collect and report data about each conversion. This need not be time-consuming, so use technology to your advantage!

    A growing number of website management solutions – including Progress Sitefinity Insight – provide incredible tools to track customer journeys, watch conversion progress, and utilize AI to provide recommendations to optimize each journey. 

Results Direct Can Help: Putting Member Journeys into Action

I’m passionate about working with associations to create dynamic and engaging digital experiences that produce results.

Let’s talk about optimizing your member journeys and conversion goals, using behavioral data to drive personalized messaging to your website visitors, and using time-elapsed data to push users to take action on your website. 

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