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4 Tips for Creating Engaging & Actionable Web Content

Users typically come to an association’s website with a specific task in mind. They skim rather than read, and they seek clear, understandable paths to information.

4 Tips for Creating Engaging & Actionable Web Content | RD Web | Results Direct

Here are 4 tips to ensure that web content is engaging, actionable, and shareable:

  1. Know Your Audience 

    Focus on user-centric content. Ask, for whom are you writing? What are they coming to your website to achieve? Focus on user needs. Write using the same keywords and phrases users would use in a web search. When creating page titles, headers and links, choose keywords carefully and use them consistently. This practice reinforces keyword relevancy for search engines.

  2. Eliminate Buzz Words 

    Effective web content is easy to skim, scan, and understand. Make copy clear and concise -- eliminate unnecessary adjectives and buzz words. Include key information such as dates, times, locations, costs, and calls-to-action. Don’t assume your readers have knowledge of the subject.

  3. Make Content Scannable

    Be direct and keep word count to a minimum. Produce clear copy with informational headlines and meaningful subheads. Support scanning by making it easy to quickly identify the main points with bulleted text and numbered lists. Quotes, selective keyword bolding, and summaries greatly improve scannablity. 

  4. Create Clear Calls-to-Action 

    Use the active voice to create clear calls-to-action. Tell visitors what you would like them to do next. Each piece of content on your website should have a clear goal – do not post content for content’s sake.

    • Avoid using "click here” for links
    • Make your links contextual and descriptive
    • Check and re-check your links

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