Everything You Need to Know About Event Platforms

Written on August 19, 2021

Mark Wallach

Mark Wallach

Manager of Mobile Business Development

What are the most important factors for selecting an event platform and partner?

Important Event Platform Factors for Happy Attendees

The best in-person, hybrid, and virtual event platform satisfies the needs of your attendees, sponsors/exhibitors, and your organization - while keeping everyone happy.

For your event attendees, it’s about the experience. For your sponsors/exhibitors, it’s about making connections and generating business. For your organization, it’s about meeting your event and ROI goals.
Identifying the best event platform means satisfying all of these needs:   

  1. User experience wins – With so many event solutions, it’s important to focus on a platform that delivers a superior experience – for your attendees, sponsors, speakers, and staff. Powerful platforms and experiences don't need to cost a lot, but they do need to:

    • Work reliably
    • Be intuitive & easy-to-use
    • Support in-person, hybrid & virtual events - in a single platform
    • Enable participation on both desktop & mobile devices
    • Empower users to customize their experiences

  2. Goals drive decisions – As you evaluate platforms, define what event success looks like so your decisions are driven by goals and desired outcomes. Success can take many forms:

    • Increasing attendance
    • Supporting global participants
    • Delivering targeted, relevant content
    • Facilitating networking & engagement
    • Connecting buyers-sellers
    • Generating revenue

  3. Partners make it work – Choosing the best event solution involves more than selecting a platform. It also involves selecting the right partner to ensure that your events are a success. When evaluating partners, you should ask questions:
  • How many virtual & in-person events have you delivered?
  • How complex were those events?
  • How does your solution support both on-site & virtual attendees?
  • What AMS/CRM, registration, and other systems have you integrated with?
  • What success stories can you share?
  • How can you support our events team – program design, event build-out, technical support?
  • How can you help with revenue generation/ROI?
  • How can your solution provide year-round engagement?

To support your selection process, Results Direct | RD Mobile has created a Virtual & Hybrid Event Guide and checklist for selecting the best event platform and partner. 

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