Trendy vs Timeless: 5 Top Tips to Keep Your Website in Style

Written on August 12, 2021


Laura Johnson

Sr Solutions Consultant

It’s important to invest in the timeless & mix in the trends 

Responsive Website Redesign Strategy Tips
We all make trendy or timeless decisions – from selecting the perfect paint color for our homes to adding new pieces of clothing or accessories to our wardrobe. Do you splurge on the colorful designer coat you wear for one season or do you opt for the neutral coat you can wear every year?

So when it's time for a website redesign or refresh, here are a few timeless trends that are always in style:

  1. Keep the homepage simple

    Is your homepage making the right first impression? While it’s perhaps the most politically charged web page on your website, it shouldn’t be a departmental battleground. A clear focus on your mission will never go out of style. The purpose of the homepage is to provide a clear, easy-to-find value proposition with intuitive navigation. 

  2. Use real images 

    When possible, I recommend the use of real imagery rather than relying on stock photos. Seeing real members builds a strong connection with website visitors and is an investment that will always pay off. The American Physiological Society uses member images on their website banners, visually reinforcing the true diversity of their membership and profession. Check out the APS Website Redesign Success Story to learn more.  

    American Physiological Society homepage image highlighting members 

  3. Play with micro-interactions 

    Micro-interactions enable you to introduce small bits of movement based on how a user is engaging with a website. This is an extremely effective way to grab the user’s attention, highlight a call-to-action or promote a new branding element. Check out the US Dairy Export Council’s Think US Dairy microsite where the homepage banner expands to feature more information when an impression is made. This is a great alternative to the rotating carousels that perform so poorly on usability tests.

    US Dairy Export Council’s Think US Dairy microsite image 
  4. Leverage data visualization 

    Associations already use data visualization in annual reports. Data visualization is simply a graphical representation of data – usually a chart, statistic, or graph. Include these images on your website for real impact. See how the Auto Care Association homepage features data visualization to describe their mission and impact on the industry. 

    Auto Care Association infographic showing industry impact 
  5. Focus on mobile experiences 

    Think about the way you access information on a daily basis. What device(s) are you using – phone, tablet, desktop? It’s essential now and going forward that websites are optimized for mobile access. Mobile will always be in style. 

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